Land Life Company products are protected by (pending) patents around the world. This section of the Land Life Company website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions. The following list may not be all inclusive, and other Land Life Company products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.
Country Patent Pending - Application No. Application Date
Saudi Arabia SA 515360669 30-Oct-2014
Australia AU 2014343704 30-Oct-2014
Brazil BR 11 2016 009475 1 30-Oct-2014
Chile CL 201600977 30-Oct-2014
China CN 201480059664.3 30-Oct-2014
European Patent EP14790650.7 30-Oct-2014
India IN 201637017169 30-Oct-2014
Iran IR 139550140003000967 30-Oct-2014
Mexico MX/a/2016/005681 30-Oct-2014
Morocco MA PV/39068 30-Oct-2014
Oman OM/P/2016/00120 30-Oct-2014
Qatar QA/201604/00180 30-Oct-2014
South Africa ZA 2016/02728 30-Oct-2014
United Arab Emirates AE P512/16 30-Oct-2014
USA US15/032363 30-Oct-2014